Sesame taps Polygon to connect DeFi and E-commerce

Hesham Hague

Head of Token Marketing

November 18, 2022

DISCLAIMER: Sesame has since rebranded from Citizen. The original press release and subsequent articles used our previous business name. This article has since been updated to avoid any confusion and to ensure the company is correctly attributed in any future press and editorial activities.

Sesame is a DeFi payments platform, enabling their users to earn when they spend, and when they don’t. Pioneering an exciting ‘Shop-2-Earn’ concept; without any upfront investment needed, will enable shoppers to gain up to 15% in instant crypto-powered cashback, whilst also earning a yield on balances held in their app. 

Data from recent reports show that existing reward schemes have become increasingly unrewarding. The low value of actual points earned, the restrictive methods to then realize any value, as well as the long time-lags to access cashback, have all culminated in diminishing returns for shoppers. Paving the way for an exciting and ultimately rewarding concept. 

“Due to our requirement for attributing tokens in real-time, we needed a highly transactional and scalable blockchain. Polygon is driving innovation at scale with multinational brands in the Web3 space, which provided us with the confidence.” said Hesham Hague, Head of Token Marketing for Sesame.

Merchants will be able to access the power of Web3 and DeFi as a turn-key solution, without any additional infrastructure requirements, with funds settled to them in fiat. The Sesame Merchant Directory will enable shoppers to discover registered merchants; creating opportunities for discovery and driving buyer traffic to their sites; with over 300 merchants already registered and available in the directory at launch.

Hesham is hoping that “it helps millions of consumers take what might be their first steps into the world of cryptocurrencies, with no upfront investment required. By working with Polygon, Sesame is providing a safe and secure environment for consumers to unlock the potential of DeFi and alternative payment methods.”

You can now sign up to the Sesame waitlist and be first in line for accessing the app.